• Compression "Rehab, Mobility, Stretch" Bands
  • Compression "Rehab, Mobility, Stretch" Bands

Compression "Rehab, Mobility, Stretch" Bands


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The Iron Woody Rehab, Mobility, Stretch Bands a.k.a. R.M.S. Bands are the new weapon in the arsenal of Iron Woody Bands. The R.M.S. bands are specifically designed to promote healthy muscle tissue by "flossing and cleaning" weathered and damaged tissue. The R.M.S. band will help in REHAB training, MOBILITY of muscle tissue, and the STRETCH of ligaments and tendons in the muscle region. THE R.M.S Band can be used as a pre-workout warm up band, a during workout compression band, and an after workout stretch and rehab band. "Floss and Clean" your muscles with the R.M.S. band daily for optimum muscle health and performance.

Compression straps are helpful if used properly but can be dangerous if used improperly. You can use a compression strap multiple time a day however it is recommended to limit use to no more than 2 minutes per use.


2-3/8″ wide and provides 4-11 lbs. of resistance. This 82″ long strap can be used for mild-level strength training, or in a rehabilitation setting. 1 per package.

Note: Contains natural rubber latex. Inspect before each use and discard if cracked/nicked. All straps will wear out and/or break over time. Exposure the extreme cold or heat will damage the strap more rapidly.

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