Competition Sponsorship, Equipment Rentals & Used Equipment


Yes, we do sponsor major local competitions with equipment. If you are interested, please sent us an email ( with the following competition information:

  • Name (of Competition)
  • Date / Time
  • Competition Location
  • Type of Competition
  • Number of Participants
  • Secured vendors

If your competition is more local (and may not meet sponsorship parameters) we also offer Equipment Rentals. For information regarding Equipment Rental, please email us ( - please note "Equipment Rental" in the subject line.



Occasionally we supply equipment for CrossFit and fitness competitions. We buy it new, the equipment is used for one day (maybe two) and then, we put it up for sale! 

We also like to replace gym equipment when it nears the end of its life. Gym life is tough on bars, bumpers and other equipment. Most pieces are used daily, often multiple times a day.   So, when equipment starts to show its age, we'll replace it with new equipment. We have access to used equipment from our sister affiliate: Diablo CrossFit, and from other local affiliates that sell us their used stuff. We'll clean it up, repair it (if necessary) and get it ready for its next life in someone's garage, where it will last for many years.  

Competition Equipment (slightly used) available for purchase:
none available at this time


Email us for more details.